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24 January
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I graduated from Eastern Michigan University w/a BFA in B/W Photography & an Art History Minor in 1990. I worked as a professional printer for Ford Motor Company for 5yrs. Moved on. Worked in a job I hated until our daughter was born. I married in 1998, half-way through the nasty job. Late bloomer, I was 31. Stayed home ever since. Our daughter was born in 2000. Our son was born in 2003. I no longer work because of birth defect to my spine that has finally caught up with me. It is called degerative disc disease. In 2009, my daughter and I were in a car crash, spared by God. She was completey unharmed. I needed cervical spinal surgery. My surgeon freaked when he saw the condition of my spine. I went under the knife in June of 2009 to fix C8-T1. Then in Aug 2010 I was under again to repair the degeneration of L1-S4. I have more titanium on the inside than Ironman has on the outside. lol. Please don't think I am complaining. This is just me. I make jokes out of it. Or at least I try. Some people take it as complaining or trying to "show off". That is not my intent. I am a "talker". I am at home all the time alone. I have no one to communicate with. I journal and write a lot. It gets lonely after a while. My husband works too many hours to support the family and I feel tremendous guilt.